LETTER: I was angry at councillor’s negative motorway comments


I would like to congratulate Observer on picking up on the totally negative response from Lincolnshire’s executive councillor for highways Richard Davies to the announcement that the government may consider extending the M11 from Cambridge to Grimsby.

I too was incensed by his response. I questioned him on this at full council on Friday.

Coun Davies completely missed the point and gave exactly the same negative response.

I totally agree it is a long way off, and we are possibly stargazing, but the point is it could be part of the 2020 government funding and we as the county council should be encouraging them, for the good of all the people of our county, not giving out the negative message to the government that ‘Lincolnshire is not bothered about a motorway’.

No motorway goes into a town, it is used to link towns, cities and counties.

He inferred the M11 only benefits Cambridge. Is that why it has 15 feeder roads linking various towns and districts, hence alleviating heavy traffic having to use the minor roads and taking this traffic out of the towns? I could go into a great more detail of the advantages of having a motorway linking the east coast to the whole of the country.

Has he asked the Hauliers Association for example?

As I said at council, should a motorway ever get built, it will bring jobs business growth and investment into the county. The tourist industry being one.

Businesses would grow around the feeder roads taking the benefits of a direct link north to south, with the benefit of added income this would all generate for the county council.

He spoke of £26 billion, which at this stage is hypothetical. Sure, it sounded good and he made a good case of if they had that amount then they could let us have £1.5 billion to dual our A roads.

Instead of being so negative we should be out talking to businesses and district councils, getting them on board to support the county council to lobby and encourage the government. Should the motorway ever get built it could negate the necessity to build a Boston bypass.

Coun Davies does not speak for all the county councillors. I, along with other county councillors, will be doing all we can to get LCC to back this proposal.

The people of Boston and Lincolnshire deserve better.

We need the investment in infrastructure and this motorway would be a lifeline to the east coast.

Coun Bob McAuley

county and borough councillor