LETTER: I was so disappointed to see what’s happened to Boston


I’ve just returned from a holiday in Boston, the town I was born and lived in until 1970.

Then I moved to Germany with my German husband and children. I’ve returned a few times to England on holiday but this time I was so disappointed and disgusted with this lovely old town. What has happened?

Wherevever you go rubbish, empty beer tins, trodden-out cigarettes, old piles of brown leaves everywhere.

From the amount of cobwebs and dirt it looks as if Boston is going into a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ time – except it’s NOT pretty and there is no prince to awake this poor old town.

There’s so much history connected to the town and I think it is so sad to see how it now is.

I’m sure the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ saw it with different eyes or else they wouldn’t have named a new town in America after this dirty old town. Didn’t we used to have a slogan ‘Keep Britain Tidy’?

Perhaps the council should go for a walk through the town with open eyes and do something about the state it is in. I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks this way. Please, please Bostonians save this once lovely old town.

Marion Felsmann