LETTER: If Boston United don’t like playing at home then I’ll stay away

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Ian Ross (the Boston United team captain) said on December 5 that ‘they (the team) prefer to play away from home. It’s not very nice at the moment and they (the fans) need to get behind us more’.

This is an outrageous statement to make in public given the fact that during these difficult financial times many Boston United customers have dug very deep into their pockets to be entertained at York Street. During an unusual run of consecutive home games, loyal customers of BUFC had a natural expectation of climbing the league table and progressing a little further in the FA Trophy, thereby earning the club a few quid. During this time it is also fair to say the opposing teams came from positions and indeed leagues far inferior to that held by BUFC. Let’s not forget:

1) We, the customers have tasted Football League standards and require its return - those are our terms of business and nothing less will be acceptable.

2) The charge levied for the entertainment is one of the highest in the division. Any business that charges a premium for what it offered, must also offer something different to the rest - that is usually manifested in what is called ‘quality’.

3)Recent gates have plunged to all time lows - why? - customers prefer to not buy the product - it’s not rocket science!

4)Not too long ago, football was played by ‘men’ who recognised their commitment to the fans.

In summary, my message to the BUFC squad is quite simple; stop blaming the customers for your poor performances, ‘man up’ and start showing some ‘true grit’ whilst playing regardless of whether the game be home or away.

In business, and football is a business whether Mr Ross likes it or not, the usual way the customer can lodge a complaint is to speak to the manager – I have tried that several times to no avail. The other way is of course to cheer from the cold damp and freezing terraces when when you are happy and to show your concerns when you are not! That is why we clap and cheer when we are happy and boo when we are not. Obviously, many BUFC customers think the same otherwise the attendances would increase and not decrease. Please cherish your customers as they will always be a far better barometer in judging the quality – more so than the manager as they come and go!

If Ian Ross and his team prefer to play away – I will prefer to stay away!

Ray Weal

by e-mail