Letter: If you want to improve Boston change the council

THE council states the Market Place revamp is based on feedback from public consultation.

I have yet to find anybody in Boston who wants, yet alone, has been consulted about this revamp.

It’s costing £2 million to replace a lamppost that the council has already removed, and to resurface a few hundred feet of road surface.

Boston already suffers the lack of shoppers, due to the appalling traffic conditions.

So having constrictive road works for the past six months or so, which by the look of things, will result in little benefit to the traffic flow, the council now decides to dig up the centre of Boston for a further six months, and add to the already constrictive parking problems.

I do not know why the shop owners and market traders of Boston do not demand a massive council rebate for the loss of custom.

If Boston needs improvement, perhaps changing this council would be a good start.

D. Pountney

Davids Lane