LETTER: Important debate on our roads


I have been listening to the debates about the roads in Lincolnshire. There are two interesting debates. One is regarding Grantham where they are now talking about naming a proposed new bypass/distributor road Thatcher Way. Aren’t they lucky they are getting one?

The second debate is regarding the A16 single road from Grimsby to Peterborough. The Spalding Chamber of Commerce recently said the A16 single carriageway route is holding back the local economy, especially for fresh produce dealers.

They say there are in excess of a million truck journeys a year and that they think this will increase by 20 per cent a year over the next three years.

They make a strong case from a business point of view, that lorries leaving the food producers have got to get to the supermarkets for timed deliveries.

They also go on to say that the hardest part of the job at the moment is using the single carriageway to get out of Spalding. When they get to Peterborough with the dual carriageways and motorways the lorries are a lot more efficient and the journeys are a lot quicker.

I know that if the Chamber of Commerce in Spalding is having a problem, the problem trebles for all the local businesses in and north of Boston. This has major effects, not just on our food industry but also our tourist industry.

Sadly every time I raise the issue, people ignore it, in the same way they ignore the car parking issue in Boston. People tell me they go everywhere else apart from Boston because of the poor parking facilities and road congestion. I want the situation in Boston and towns north of Boston like Skegness to be sorted out. If our Tory councillors with their government continue to put their heads in the sand on this issue it will never be resolved.

I want to see a proper solution to improve the A16 as well as developing a bypass/distributor road for Boston and Skegness.

It is time for action, not words!

Paul Kenny

Labour candidate, Boston and Skegness