Letter: Improvements were in place before BBI came to power

A LETTER published in the Standard (November 24) stated Coun Ray Newell is now allowed to recruit members for an independent party as well as the Boston Bypass Independents (BBI).

I wonder which hat he will don at the next borough council elections - no prizes for guessing correctly.

He claims in his letter Independents work together for Boston. I’m sure the BBI have not allowed any other party to work closely together with them since they were elected.

As for his claims for improvements to the town they had all been decided by the ‘last lot’ as they are so often referred to - which is a shame because they all have names.

Perhaps it slips his mind why BBI was elected to office in 2007; did someone mention a bypass, nothing else, just a bypass? After all, that is what we got - no bypass - and nothing else.


Former Conservative councillor.