Letter: Is Coun Newell trying out a ‘new political coat’?

HAVING received enquiries from the public who, it would seem from enquiries received, are mystified by a recent letter in the local press from Coun Ray Newell, we, the Independent Group on Boston Borough Council would like to make it clear that we have not been approached by Coun Newell seeking to join our Independent Group.

We understand Coun Newell is still a subscribing member of the Boston Bypass Independents.

There may well be other attempts by members of the BBI looking to create new identities for themselves before next May’s borough election.

This is entirely understandable in the light of the BBI record of non-delivery for the people of Boston. A record which necessitated the setting up of a panel of outside advisors who have announced they see their presence being needed until election time.

We feel sure the people of Boston will not be fooled by other BBI attempts to appear in new ‘political coats’ come next May.

Hoping this clears up any confusion on the matter.

We remain your Independent Group on Boston Borough Council.

Couns John Storry and 
Richard Leggott