LETTER: It’s about time your columnist changed his tune


I had a hope that someone might buy Observer a new record to play at Christmas, but so far into the new year he appears to be content to continue playing the same old tune.

‘Kick the Council’ is an easy one to dance to, but it does get a bit ‘boring’ week in, week out.

I am sure, Mr Editor, the staff of the Boston Standard would find it depressing if they were publicly rubbished each week, as do the 283 staff employed by Boston Borough Council.

Readers not turned off by his repetitive ‘blame the council for all that ails Boston’ chant every week might believe it is within the gift of the council to control the county council, the Government, the world! Others might begin to think he has some sort of obsessive/compulsive/depressive disorder.

Litter dropped in the streets, traders lacking commercial success, lack of a bypass, impact of population change have all been laid at the council’s door by Observer since the start of the year. And, just a few weeks into 2015, we have already had two mentions of the town declining and decaying. For someone with, allegedly, the town’s best interests at heart, he’s doing a good one-man demolition job of running it down. How about helping put the pride back into Boston for a change?

Even efforts, mainly by volunteers with a REAL passion for the town, to help brighten things as part of Boston in Bloom efforts are shouted down.

Of course we don’t show bloom judges the WHOLE of the town – it would take bloomin’ days, and they give us a few hours. Surely even Observer would agree that whatever can be done to improve the town should be done, even if it is beyond the reasonable expectations of finance and manpower to makeover the whole town? ‘Bits’, as he puts it, are better than none.

And if he had been at the meeting instead of relying on second hand information, he would have heard me say that there has always been money spent on flowers and planters for the town long before Boston in Bloom came into existence. This has always formed a part of the £18,000 now used to support in-bloom efforts. We just do that bit extra these days for which Boston has received a silver and then a silver gilt award. It would be a very sorry day for us all if we were to abandon these initiatives. And it has to be remembered that because of these we receive in return, for free, donations, help and goodwill from businesses and volunteers all helping to make at least ‘bits’ of Boston nicer places to be.

The council doesn’t drop the litter he so often complains about. The council cleans it up.

Perhaps Observer should leave his ‘office’ to see what has already happened! He could even join the volunteers, which include litter pickers, and do something really worthwhile.

In similar vein he rubbishes efforts to tackle the PRSA problem with an offering of mischievous half truths – no mention whatsoever by Observer of the energy efficiencies which will pay for the work at the PRSA so that the cost DOES NOT fall to the council taxpayer.

I’m not saying we always get it right. I am saying we always TRY to get it right. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but there’s a big difference between constructive criticism and week in, week out moaning because there’s space on a page to be filled. Of course, Observer could always give us the benefit of his wisdom and get involved instead of hurling mud from the sidelines – there’s an election coming up and there are no better candidates than those who are local, passionate, committed and with great and practical ideas about how Boston can be better.

Coun Yvonne Gunter

Proud of Boston