LETTER: It’s time the authorities sorted out prison ‘scandal’

Isn’t about time the scandal of North Sea Camp is rectified?

Time and time again the prison authorities are telling us that prisoners who escape, or indeed who are ‘based’ at the North Sea Camp prison are no danger to the public.

It seems to me that regularly when one decides to go for a ride to get away for a break, just to pop to the shops in town, we, the unsuspecting public, are warned not to approach these guys because they are extremely dangerous.

I suppose we’re lucky in a way, the previous Conservative Justice Minister, Ken Clarke, wanted to release most prisoners from places like North Sea Camp, and we could have had more criminality on our village and town streets.

This is a very serious problem, it happens regularly, and in the latest ‘non-return’ it appears there could have been a very serious crime resulting from this far too tolerant regime.

Tony Goor

Linley Drive, Boston