LETTER: Let’s brighten up Boston’s roundabouts


Boston Labour councillors have been dismayed for some time with the cleanliness of our town and especially our overgrown roundabouts which people keep telling us about.

Recently at a Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) meeting there was a discussion with Lincolnshire highways. We were disappointed to hear that the county council have contracted out all the work to Boston Borough Council to keep our traffic islands tidy. We don’t want to put blame onto anyone but we do believe that Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department and the borough council should get together and work on an action plan to make Boston a cleaner and more attractive town.

It is not just our traffic islands but the approach roads into the town. You only have to go to other towns like Gainsborough where, on one of the traffic islands, they have a wonderful topiary tractor as a feature on the island. Why can’t we do something similar in Boston?

We have had £2.5M allocated to Boston and South Holland to promote the arts.

Couldn’t we have some amazing bits of sculpture as features to enhance our town?

So let’s stop the talking, develop an action plan with some real legacies, and then we can have a town that people talk about and can be proud of. Let’s try to make Boston a more attractive place to visit. We hope we don’t have to write this kind of letter again to get people to work


Boston Labour