LETTER: Let’s follow Lincoln


Boston Labour councillors were delighted to read the double spread in last week’s Boston Standard about ‘legal highs’.

This shows that newspapers like The Standard can play an important role in highlighting important issues in our communities.

This has come about following the news that our fellow councillors in Lincoln have adopted new rules which came into force recently.

Under these new rules, police in Lincoln have the power to confiscate the substances known as ‘legal highs’ from anyone thought to have taken them.

Breaking the order is a criminal offence which could lead to an on-the-spot penalty or a fine from the courts. This is another tool that local authorities could use to make our streets and communities safer using a public spaces protection order, which allows councils to clamp down on certain activities. We would now urge that Boston Borough Council follows Lincoln in this unique approach which has won them national applause for their positive actions on this issue.

The sooner Boston adopts a similar process the better. This shows a positive working relationship between Boston Borough Council, Lincolnshire Police and its local community.

Couns Paul Gleeson, Paul Goodale & Paul Kenny