LETTER: Let’s keep politicans away from police role

The electors of Boston are being asked to elect their Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

The main political party HQs are selecting politicians to stand as their candidates. A political Police Commissioner is quite wrong.

But the political parties recognise that they can deliver the votes.

With 41 Police Commissioner posts and 41 Deputy Police Commissioner posts, the Party HQs count on a large number of jobs for the ‘boys’.

You the taxpayer, will of course, pay for the considerable salaries these posts attract.

With Conservatives in power on Boston Borough Council and holding six of the seven Boston seats on Lincolnshire County Council – where Conservatives hold 62 of the 77 county council seats, a Conservative police commissioner may be a foregone conclusion.

With Prime Minister David Cameron controlling the national Westminster government, Coun Martin Hill with his massive majority controlling Lincolnshire County Council, and Coun Peter Bedford controlling Boston Borough Council – the Conservative party has absolute control, from top to bottom. What could possibly go wrong?

At national level – the EU is challenging. Our national finances are fixed, or being fixed. (Police funding may be fixed or cut).

At Lincolnshire County Council level – Boston has no traffic problems (except for no distributor road). Migration is no problem (unless you live in Boston).

Anti-social behaviour is challenging. Low police presence is challenging. Police funding being the lowest in the country, is challenging.

At Boston Borough level – there are no financial problems. Migrant unrest is possible. Shops and businesses are closing at an alarming rate (but fingers are crossed).The distributor road is not on the horizon. Car parking may become exciting. Anti-social behaviour is challenging. Low police presence is challenging.

The people of Boston do still have a vote. Your vote can really make a difference. Gerrymandering by political parties is quite wrong. Please exercise your right to vote.

Coun Ray Newell

Independent Lincolnshire County Council