LETTER: Let us have a say on Boston’s flood barrier

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Having read the letter from Mr Matthews regarding the Flood Barrier, I think he has got the position of it right.

The prime object of a flood barrier is to stop properties being flooded, is it not?

The position the Environment Agency are proposing will mean properties in Marsh Lane, Wyberton Low Road, Riverside Industrial Estate, St Nicholas Road area, The Dock, Windsor Bank area and Skirbeck Road will be affected (if I have left anywhere out I apologise).

The objective of the EA is to maintain water levels between the Haven and the 40foot drain for easier navigation but as far as I know boats of any size can only get to Swineshead Bridge because the water is too shallow further up, no doubt this will be deepened .

Their other objective is to create a marina in the Haven but the local fishermen who moor their boats in this area have their own agenda regarding this. I suppose the fishing boats will spoil the image they are trying to create! Just remember there has been a fishing fleet operating out of Boston for many, many years.

The EA needs to consider all parties who will be affected by this barrier and remember we want a flood barrier not just one to create a marina for those who can afford to buy and keep a boat on it.

Let the people of this town have a say where it is to be.

Barrie Faunt

Via email