Letter: Market Place revamp is a waste of money

AFTER reading about the Market Place revamp, I think it has been put together with very little practical knowledge.

The planner at the Market Place display stall was unable to say if the new pedestrian crossing would have no parking 10 metres either side of it (due to zigzag safety lines).

If it does the taxi rank for 13 cars will start 10 metres behind where it should start. Also bus parking will be affected with only one bus being able to pull-in if the zigzags are installed.

On Wednesday there were four large buses in a line, parked where the new proposed taxi rank would be.

What will happen to them when this is a taxi rank?

Why change the Into Town bus stops? With doing away with the island the whole area is open to motors traffic, people will have to cross the large area of traffic.

Why not put the Five Lamps on Fish Hill if they are coming back?

Regarding the large area which is left, Boston has enough food outlets. If the area is to be used for more tables and chairs where will the stalls go? They are part of Boston!

What will the loss in revenue be to Boston Borough Council with the reduction of parking spaces?

My question is do we need to change just because someone has offered Boston some money? If the change is required it can be done with a little white and yellow paint.

This will save the borough council £450,000 and Lincolnshire County Council £200,000. To waste taxpayers’ money on this scale is obscene.

B. J. Norton

Wyberton West Road