Letter: Market Square plans will end up a ‘white elephant’

I FEEL the proposed redevelopment of Boston Market Square is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money, which could be used to much better effect by all the organisations involved, especially Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire County Council.

From the details given in the Boston Standard, it appears impossible the redevelopment could cost the alleged £2m. Who wants to sit outside Lloyds Bank or at the top of Fish Hill on a wet Monday in Boston?

While noting the council’s wish to continue their war on motorists, whether they like it or not the major loss of parking in Market Square will discourage elderly shoppers.

While it is alleged that the loss of parking places is small, all other car parks are further from the major Boston shops; also, there must be a loss of income to the local council.

Have any councillors apologised for the waste of a large sum of taxpayers’ money on the previous revamp of Market Square, which so far as I can see was of no benefit whatsoever?

My opinion is that the proposed new redevelopment is yet another white elephant. What price a Boston bypass? A lot more than £2m, but desperately needed!

D.J. Bowler

Cowbridge Road