Letter: Mayoral vote would cost thousands

IT IS essential to observe anomalies arising from the report in The Standard (November 17) regarding the plans and ambitions of Coun Jim Blaylock.

At the 2007 election, the Boston Bypass Independents stood on the issue of a bypass for Boston.

By 2010, the chances of Boston getting its promised bypass are so remote Coun Blaylock has completely given up on this prospect and rather than fight the 2011 election in defence of his party’s record in office, he seeks only to prioritise his own ambition to become elected mayor of Boston.

This scheme would cost the borough countless thousands of pounds which it cannot reasonably afford on a ‘Blaylock referendum’ and an elected mayor’s salary; and bring elected councillors into conflict with an all-powerful mayor.

It must be asked what Coun Blaylock believes he may achieve as mayor which he has not been able to achieve as a cabinet councillor in the BBI?

Since it must be assumed he would hope to fight a mayoral election as a BBI candidate, he is making a direct appeal to the people of Boston to replace Coun Richard Austin, the current leader of the council, with himself.

If Coun Blaylock is so dismayed by his leader and his party’s achievements that he wishes to usurp Coun Austin, it would be far cheaper for borough taxpayers if Coun Blaylock resigned from the cabinet and openly challenged Coun Austin for the leadership of his party under the present system; rather than embarking on a bizarre and expensive electoral experiment.

T. R. Ashton