LETTER: Message of support from Boston, America after floods

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A group which focuses on climate in Boston, Massachusetts, has written to local people expressing support for those affected by the floods in their ‘mother town’.

The letter follows below:

Dear fellow and sister Bostonians,

We are an organization called Boston Climate Action Network (BostonCAN) over here in the USA.

We are a volunteer citizen group which engages in helping people take individual household actions, neighbourhood wide actions and governmental/legislative actions to slow down climate change, and urge adaptation measures for our Boston.

Yesterday, Sunday, December 8, we had a Volunteer Appreciation Party. One woman at the party, who is from England, made us aware of the devastation last week in your Boston and on the east coast of England. It was with horror that we have viewed on the internet the damage done by the River Haven and the sea water along the coast.

This could easily be Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We are located on the Atlantic. Last year we barely escaped devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy which badly damaged large swathes of New York and New Jersey.

We want you to know that, as climate activists from your ‘sister city’ in name, and in spirit, our minds and hearts are with you as you all make efforts to clean up the flood damage. Your St. Botolph’s Church looks beautiful and we so hope the damage done (after renovations were just made!) was not extensive.

We feel the smallness of our planet Earth and how both Bostons, and all towns and cities and corners of the world are in this struggle of climate change together.

We send you our love, our solidarity, our wishes for hope and rebuilding of damages in Boston and all effected areas of England, and Scotland.


Members of Boston Climate Action Network