LETTER: Move the people not the benches

This summer my husband and I have enjoyed having walks down the Witham Bank and watching the river wildlife and the boats passing by.

My husband is in a wheelchair and I sat on one of the many benches along the bank. However, this last week when we went along there we noticed that half of the benches have been removed, and, after speaking to a council workman, we were told the remaining benches were being removed as well.

The reasons for the removal of the benches are because of the people who use them to sit on and drink alcohol and then become a nuisance to the local residents, being loud and using gateways as toilets.

But surely the council and police should be removing these people and not the benches? Once again the normal public suffer, while the council and the police don’t tackle the real problem and are just doing another quick fix that will not solve the real problem.

Mrs P. Hallam

Hurle Crescent, Boston