LETTER: Musical event was an amazing event - and proved we have top talent


Can I say what an amazing evening we had at the Gliderdrome on Saturday night where Lee Hextall, Boston Youth Jazz Orchestra and the Boston Youth Pop Choir performed one of the most memorable concerts seen in Boston?

This shows me that Lincolnshire Music Services with the support of our local schools, have trained these young people to deliver an exceptionally high standard of music.

As the Mayor of Boston I would personally like to thank Lee for his outstanding ability to get the best out of each young singer or musician who perform in BYJO and the Pop Choir.

I have been very fortunate this year that BYJO has acted as my musical ambassadors, travelling as far as Spain and other areas of this country.

To show my appreciation for Lee’s support to my mayoral year and fundraising assistance for my chosen charities – Boston CAB and Boston Salvation Army – I was delighted to present Lee with an engraved paperweight in the shape of a diamond, a fitting tribute to the man who has dedicated the last 20-years-or-more to entertaining the people of Boston and Lincolnshire and inspiring young people to become top musicians.

I also thank The Standard for supporting me by advertising this event in the local paper.

As Mayor of Boston it makes me so proud to be able to work with such talented people who gave this wonderful performance on Saturday.

Can I say a special thanks to my charity committee who worked so hard to support me on Saturday and everyone who attended for coming and joining with me to enjoy such a wonderful evening.

Coun Paul Kenny

Mayor of Boston