LETTER: Neil Hamilton? No thanks!


Great to see Mark Simmonds with his sleeves rolled up and taking part in the gardening at the Butterfly Hospice (last week’s Standard).

Really pleased to see he takes a proper interest, which is what a good local MP should do.

In contrast, I was very unhappy to see Ukip’s Neil and Christine Hamilton in Boston again last week.

I hope they aren’t getting any ideas about standing here.

We have a decent MP in Mark and no need of a pair of bandwagon-jumping ‘celebrities’. Furthermore, Hamilton represents everything that was 1990s cash-for-questions sleaze.

This pair may have spent a decade or so touring TV shows, but people mustn’t forget that the evidence that Hamilton took thousands of pounds in personal profit to ask questions in Parliament was found to be compelling; that a libel jury found him less trustworthy than Mohammed al-Fayed; and the voters of Tatton kicked him out in favour of the country’s only ever successful anti-sleaze MP Martin Bell.

Boston is a great town which gets too much negative press as it is; the last thing we need is a celebrity troupe with no connection to Boston whatsoever using our town to serve their own selfish ends.

George Bell