LETTER: New bridge looks lovely - shame about the land next to it


The new bridge across the river in Boston looks lovely, the paved areas either side are really smart although they are not really used much for walking on.

However, when you cross over the bridge, the section of land between the Jobcentre and B&M stores is a total mess.

The paving stones are cracked in places and the path itself is not wide enough for the increased footfall in the town.

The last two winters – one icy, one wet – you had to move across into the mud or icy puddles if two pushchairs or a mobility scooter came along, as there is barely enough room.

The ground between the trees is now devoid of grass as people have no alternative to walk there or form an orderly queue to get across.

I have contacted B & M stores, Boston Borough Council, and Lincolnshire County Council, all were unable to tell me who owns this piece of land, I was advised by Lincolnshire County council to contact land registry.

Over the last few days I have sent several e-mails to Land Registry and have now been asked by their customer contact centre to apply for a search of the index map using a form SIM (copy attached they said) it wasn’t!

My application should include a cheque for £4.00 as well as a plan based on the Ordnance Survey detail indicating the area to be searched.

They did originally ask for the postcodes for this area and I provided them with the Jobcentre and B & M postcodes, thinking that would be adequate.

I would point out that the brick pattern on this path is the same as the pattern that runs along the large path approaching the Jobcentre and at the front of Dunelm and B & M.

Surely someone knows who owns this piece of ground as it needs to be repaired, widened and tidied up as it is a dangerous eyesore.

Day trippers must wonder what the heck they have come to when they approach it via the town centre.

Can you solve they mystery that the councils can’t?

Mrs Bater