LETTER: New grammar schools policy is about choice

I support grammar schools and wish there were more.

I was delighted when the Prime Minister made her recent announcement and really hope that it will result in more children having access to a grammar school where ever they live.

Unfortunately, this excellent policy, which was also part of the UKIP manifesto, may be blocked by many MPs and peers who wish to deny families a complete choice of educational establishments.

We are lucky in Lincolnshire as we kept our grammar schools, but I know many people in other areas who do not have any.

This is not to say other schools are not as good, but denying access to a particular type of school when there is a demand is wrong.

The county council debated grammar schools at the last full council meeting. I was disgusted with the Labour group, who were so against grammar schools based on their own politics of envy and socialist dogma.

None of their arguments stacked up, especially the selection objection, because, as we know, most non-grammar schools have streaming, which is a form of selection anyway.

This is about choice for parents and children to have an option to access schools best suited to their abilities, and that must include grammar schools.

Victoria Ayling

UKIP county councillor for the Spilsby Fen ward