LETTER: New parking charghe is ‘petty’


The notice attached to the ‘commercial’ vehicle that I drive informs me that Kirton Parish Council intends charging a daily overnight fee of £40.

As I am unable to attend council meetings, you would oblige me if you would put my points to them:

l This car park is underused overnight; there are, at most, three to four vehicles that park for the whole night, almost every night of the year.

l All of these vehicles will be affected by this policy.

l Being commercial vehicles, they don’t use the park much during daytime, when it is in higher demand by the public, who are not charged to park.

l It defies belief that the council would rather these vehicles were parked at the side of the road in the village, where they would act as mobile chicanes for the local youth who use their own vehicles to speed around Kirton unchecked, rather than parked discretely, almost out of sight, and causing no inconvenience to anyone.

l If nothing else, these vehicles will surely become a tempting target for our seemingly plentiful supply of local vandals and petty villains.

l I trust that the proper signage will be installed prior to the implementation date of March 1, and that this signage will define the term ‘overnight’.

The decision to impose this charge is both petty and ill-considered and those members of the council who favoured it should be ashamed of themselves.

Adrian Tunnard

Via email