LETTER: Nigel Farage’s view of Boston was predictable and patronising


It was interesting to see your front page and the somewhat predictable response from Nigel Farage of his uncomfortable experience in Boston on Question Time.

We would challenge Mr Farage and his patronising view of Boston as a particularly ‘troubled’ part of the country.

Boston, like many parts of the UK, has experienced the challenge of high levels of inward migration with the prospect of more to


However the Conservative administration, with the support of other parties on Boston Borough Council, has done a great deal to raise the issue and engage in sensible and constructive debate locally and nationally.

It is clear from the work completed in Boston that the EU policy of equal entitlement for all EU citizens is a significant part of the migration story, it is not however the only part.

The availability of full-time work left vacant by local people; the lack of locally available casual labour; and the availability of accommodation in the private rented sector have contributed to large scale migration in Boston and elsewhere.

Britain needs the European market but does not necessarily need the European Union. That is why Boston Conservatives support renegotiation of our relationship with the EU and giving Britain a choice with a referendum.

What Boston and Britain don’t need is the patronising and defeatist views of a man whose only solution to Britain’s problems is to blame the immigrant instead of developing realistic policies of his own.

To suggest the difficulties he had in responding to the views of ordinary Bostonians – seated and chosen at random – were the result of an ‘establishment clubbing together’ is disingenuous and clearly reflects the shallow nature of UKIP and Mr Farage’s understanding of either the complex issue of migration or the legitimate interests and concerns of local Boston people.

Coun Mike Gilbert

On behalf of the Conservative group on Boston Borough Council