LETTER: Observer just doesn’t get PRSA


I wonder how many of us actually read what the Observer writes. I know they are a constant source of annoyance to the current borough councillors because Observer continually displays that they just don’t get it.

The PRSA piece recently is point in case.

What they fail to understand is that the PRSA introduced by a rainbow coalition in 2003, not a Conservative majority. It did not resemble the original DABSI proposal from the early 90s in the slightest.

The BBI largely ignored the problem.

The Conservatives inherited a council on the verge of special measures and have been spending the last four years fire fighting – dealing with past problems. The PRSA is just one of these. When we took over the council there was no written legal footing to the PRSA, merely verbal contracts which are not enforceable. All we knew was that you, the taxpayer, would have to pay back a lot of money from grant funding if we didn’t support it.

The current Conservative led borough council is now one of the best run councils in the country, we’re by no means perfect – but we are getting there.

Now that we’ve put out the fire we can start to build Boston up, to become the town that we all deserve. We’ve had decades of being sidelined – now we are so very excited about the possibilities for the future and what we can do for your town. Remember, we are all Bostonians at heart and all want the town to succeed because we have chosen to live here and chosen to get into council to try to make a real difference that makes people’s lives better.

The Observer clearly likes the idea of being a local Ian Hislop. To follow that act they’ve really got to do some investigating and scrutinise the hollow voice of the opposition as well as the Conservatives.

The word Independent is good if you are wanting financial advice, or a local retailer – but the past 30 years has shown us that it is no good when it comes to politics.

Daniel Elkington

Conservative Party