LETTER: Our MP has got no time for voters

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If ‘Fearful of Fishtoft’ thinks that our MP Mark Simmonds will bestir himself to do anything at all about the threat of dangerous escapees from North Sea Camp posing a danger to local residents, then he or she is living in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Mr Simmonds (as Pamwe Chete so rightly remarks on your website in a trenchant comment on Fearful of Fishtoft’s vain hopes) is concerned with much higher matters than the worries of those who put him where he is today.

Making the right noises requires little effort, commends one to one’s superiors, commits one to nothing, and has the effect of suppressing criticism – at least for the moment. Having supported noble causes, one can then congratulate oneself on having demonstrated appropriate concern.

However, one can plainly see that Mr Simmonds has little time for dreaming up policies of his own, or doing anything practical on behalf of his constituents, for fear of rocking the boat - and why should he?

He was re-elected to Parliament with a very large majority, so his seat is safe for as long as he cares to occupy it. What does it matter that a few restless souls in Boston are bothered by dangerous criminals? A few lost votes next time around will scarcely change the comfortable status quo, so such things are not likely to concern Mr Simmonds, who is currently well out of it, beavering away at being Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and clearly setting his sights on higher things.

The prison has been a cause for considerable concern since 2006, but our Mr Simmonds is far away (both physically and spiritually), lurking hopefully in the corridors of power, doing things for those in foreign lands. Questions about the wisdom of allowing dangerous prisoners to wander around at will are clearly far too remote a matter for any unwise or precipitate comment – at least until somebody higher up the ladder has had some bright ideas on the subject.

Jonathan Jeffreys

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