Letter: Passengers could walk instead of using bus

RE concerns for damage to the precinct in Boston.

As a Bostonian born and bred, I have lived in the area all my 74 years.

Traffic used to go through the precinct years ago but was stopped and made a traffic-free zone.

It was a road surface in those days, then this was taken up and replaced by the brick blocks which are there now.

As for Mr Wheatley’s comment that he was not aware of the damage being done, has he been into Boston to have a look? I doubt it!

Also has Hamish McConchie ever been to Boston to see for himself? I doubt whether he has.

As for the buses, they could terminate at Boots, that end of town and terminate at Next at the other end.

People will say how do we get from Boots to Next? Like me they should walk!

To Brian Rush - keep up the good work I support you all the way.

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