LETTER: People are using shortcut to get around one-way route


A couple of weeks ago a public notice in the paper gave details of the closure one-way for Tattershall Road, while work is being done on the new housing development.

People travelling into Boston from the area were advised that their route would be via Tattershall Road, Rawsons Lane and Horncastle Road.

It would appear nobody at Lincolnshire County Council liaised with the borough council to see if this route would work. People in the area of Robin Hoods Walk and Sheriff Way would certainly have been able to tell them that the preferred route for the majority of people living on Tattershall Road would be via Sherwood Avenue, Sheriff Way and Robin Hoods Walk; and so it has proved to be!

Since the closure, peak times of going to work in a morning, coupled with parents dropping off and picking up children at Haven High Academy and Park Academy, have led to queues of traffic all the way from the Tawney Street traffic lights and round into Sheriff Way to get into town.

It might have helped if the traffic light phasing at the lights had been readjusted; traffic coming down Tawney Street turning left into Norfolk Street is in a continuous stream and just does not give way, only a couple of cars at most from Robin Hoods Walk being able to turn into Norfolk Street, hence the queues.

As Park School is also being enlarged at this time, some teachers have to find parking spaces along Sheriff Way, which is not exactly a very wide thoroughfare; when the estate was first built the school was not there, so the width of the road was adequate. In their wisdom the county council have now put white lines down each side of the road, ostensibly to provide more room for cycles, but as the lines are so wide most people assume they indicate parking spaces and since the increased parking charges in town there has been an influx of all-day parkers.

When traffic parks both sides of the road – and sometimes on the pavement, at junctions and right up to corners – there is room only for one vehicle to travel safely.

The area boasts the two schools, the fire station and the cemetery, all needing space which is hard to come by, especially as on Robin Hoods Walk traffic is allowed to park at one side. You can imagine the situation as it is now at these peak times; I dread to think what might happen if a fire engine has to go out at the time when all the other traffic is there or, more worrying, that an ambulance might be needed.

Once again, little thought appears to have been given to closing a road in such a busy area, putting more strain on neighbouring streets. I might be wrong but it seems an accident is waiting to happen.

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