LETTER: Philanthropy is tradition


I’m writing this letter not knowing the content of Observer’s next piece – but I’d imagine it will be more of the same bashing the current Conservative incumbents and not poking a hole in the flimsy proposal of the local Labour lot.

To start, ‘community heroes’ as they call them, do not give extra for money.

Their efforts are part of the great philanthropic tradition of this fine country. Some give money and some give time and both of which are exceedingly valuable to the local charities and community causes.

Creating an incentive is another nice Labour idea with huge problems – like the benefits system.

Would I, therefore, be able to fill in a form and say that I do about two hours picking litter a week and get one per cent off my tax bill? I’m certain the entire country would then fill in this form as most of us pick up oddments when wandering around town.

Or would we need to go to a ‘registered volunteer provider’ which is another layer of red tape for community groups to go through in order to ensure their volunteers do not leave for another. How long before someone realises they can make money out of this?

Nationally we are still closing loopholes created by socialist ignorance.

As a volunteer I find this idea insulting – I do not give my time for money and wouldn’t want funds that are needed for the NHS and State Pension being diverted to me because I volunteer 10 hours a week to various causes.

I suspect the Observer will only find another problem like the PRSA – caused by independents, solved by conservatives and insults the local people by presenting them with yet another reductive fallacy.

Daniel Elkington

Boston Conservative Policy

Forum chairman