LETTER: Post office proposal is ‘disgusting’

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Regarding the proposals to move the post office:

This proposal is disgusting and not in line with our notions of heritage and beauty. It appears that once again, conservative Bostonians must stand up to the liberal attitude of the corporations to protect our heritage! The building where the Post Office operation is located is an impressive building and utilised by persons wishing to use the post office branch in Boston.

If the Post Office wishes to get into bed with Smiths, would it not be better for WH Smith to move to the impressive premises across the road than have the Post Office shoved in the back of Smiths.

This move will not only turn the impressive and attractive property the Post Office currently use into a derelict, it would also turn the Post Office into a claustrophic trap that you have to negotiate the sweets and magazines of WH Smith in order to access.

That post office has survived two world wars, but it cannot survive a slick presentation from Smiths?

Why on earth can Smiths not move to the Post Office building, rather than the office move into a shop? I suspect the answer is one based along the labour of greed rather than the love of Boston’s

local history.

Daniel Elkington

Via email