LETTER: Privilege to have Witham Way park


I write in response to an article printed in the April 8 edition of the Boston Standard regarding Witham Way Country Park.

As a regular user of the park I am saddened and dismayed to read of the concerns of some of its visitors.

I walk my dogs on most days of the week in the park. In its defence I say emphatically that I have never felt intimidated or unsafe in any way at all or encountered threatening behaviour in any shape or form.

Witham Way Country Park is a haven for countryside enthusiasts.

Dog walking, family picnics in allotted areas, nature throughout our changing seasons at its absolute best. I feel extremely lucky and privileged that we have such a wonderful place to walk, only one mile from the town centre and maintained mostly by genuine enthusiasts who give their time so willingly for our benefit, we live in a changing world. Rubbish and graffiti are unfortunately part of this change, bins and signs are provided. How nice it would be for everyone if they could be observed and used.

Pat Barthorpe

Via email