Letter: Project is ‘ludicrous and insulting’ at a time of economic austerity

RE THE Market Place proposals.

It’s not long since it was last re-developed and now, at a time of considerable austerity, Boston Borough dreams up yet another scheme - I wonder how many people responded to this proposal; based upon the number of people using the Market Place on recent market days, I can only assume the opinion is based upon a very, very minor percentage of our permanent population.

I can think of nothing more ludicrous and insulting than this project, at a time when everyone is facing cutbacks.

The borough goes to great lengths to explain it isn’t costing Boston anything, only £450,000, the rest is coming from the EU and English Heritage.

Where do they think the EU and English Heritage gets their money from - I assume they still believe in the Tooth Fairy?

If money is there, I believe it should to moved over to projects that matter - not cosmetic issues like this that will be under further review within another five years, or at least used to promote jobs and infrastructure.

Until Boston has a decent transport infrastructure which doesn’t come to a halt, holding Boston to ramsom every time a train comes through town or the masses want to visit Asda, we shall not even attract people into the Market Place.

I really do wonder how many other pots of cash are hidden from public view, that can be used for ‘tarting things up’ while the public purse strings are being pulled even tighter and Joe Public is being constantly ripped off?

Colin Briggs

Sea Lane