LETTER: Proud of the way we remembered


I would like publicly record my grateful thanks and appreciation for all those who supported me at the candlelit vigil at Boston’s War Memorial.

Particular mention must go to the Police Cadets who collectively kept guard throughout the hour, discretely ‘changing the guard’ every five minutes and then standing together for the final 10 minutes. Peter Hunn and fellow leaders were instrumental in this. I single out Pauline Chapman who personally provided the lantern and candle that was the poignant focus of our vigil. This was a generous act by Pauline which should be recognised by all.Not least were the members of the public who also joined us. A handful were known to me but many were strangers and I invited them all to stand in the Garden of Remembrance - which belongs to all in our borough.

In addition to this simple ceremony I am aware that similar acts were taking place in parishes around the borough as well as the many homes that chose to respect the ‘lights out’ initiative. Possibly the most poignant moment of all for me was to step forward at 11pm and blow out that candle, symbolic of a life being extinguished at that moment.

I am proud of the way in which people across Boston chose to commemorate this significant occasion.

Coun Alison Austin

Mayor of Boston