LETTER: Questions for Mark Simmonds to answer


So, we are all in this together are we? I think not. Mark Simmonds MP claiming £173,000 in expenses is scandalous and a disgrace.

1 - What office equipment did he purchase and how much did he claim for this in the previous year?

2 - What does his wife do to merit such a large salary?

3 - How much income has he earned outside his MP role?

4 - In his tenure as MP what has he actually achieved for us? (bypass for example).

5 - Why is he promoting private healthcare?

6 - Why is he one of the lowest attending MPs in the House of Commons?

The odd photoshoot in Boston is not good enough and your reckless money claiming is a total disgrace when all of us have to struggle. I look forward to any answers without spin.

Michael Cox

Name and address supplied