LETTER: Report exposed problems...but what about MP?


Good to see the Boston Standard again exposing serious problems confronting our town.

The discrepancy between the Boston population and the number of registered GP patients as headlined in Sept 3rd edition causes little surprise to many.

What it also exposed yet again was how our local council and other services are effectively grossly under funded from central government.

It is maybe rather harsh of me to criticise such a good report but nonetheless I will do so.

The article reported comments from Andy Fisher, Boston Borough Council spokesman, Parkside manager David Harding, Simon Hopkinson, Lincs East Clinical Comm Group, and also comments from spokesmen for NHS England.

Wide coverage there by your reporter but what was missing was comments from the man who represents Bostonians in parliament Mark Simmonds MP.

Mr Simmonds has access to government ministers and he should be lobbying ministers robustly on our behalf. Surely the reporter should have given Mr Simmonds the opportunity to update us on such an important matter . I am sure other readers have noticed when The Standard reports on important local issues that are overseen at government level rarely do we see reported the views of our representative Mr Simmonds.

Do the Standard deny Mr Simmonds his right to give his and the government’s view?

P Walmsley


Editor’s note: Mr Simmonds was away at the time of working on this story.