LETTER: Road could be a danger

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While I applaud Pioneers Free School’s efforts to build a new facility for its pupils, I don’t feel enough consideration has been made by the county council for the impact on traffic along the busy Fydell Crescent road.

It’s a potentially dangerous situation.

The mixture of speeding motorists, inconsiderate parking by some parents, and small children crossing the road is worrying.

It’s a long straight road where there is already an issue with speeding.

It seems several parents are not utilising the three car parks on that road because at pick-up and drop-off times they are parked either side of Fydell Crescent going back to the junction with High Street. Visibility is already poor with people pulling out of several junctions along that road.

The situation is only going to get worse when the rest of the school is opened and the numbers greatly increase.

Could the council not consider putting double yellow lines on one side and sending their ticket inspectors along there at the start and end of school time? Also, if the parents could be encouraged to stick to parking on the school side of the road - that would greatly ease the situation and reduce any possible hazards.

Jen S.