LETTER: Say no to the Quadrant


An opportunity for new homes, community stadium, shops, hotel and restaurant or a white elephant?

Far from being a gateway to Boston it seems more like another nail in the coffin for the town centre! The Quadrant rather than a gateway is more like a barrier.

Chestnut Homes makes much of a new link road. The current proposal would be another John Adams Way, a road to nowhere!

Just in case Chestnut Homes is unaware, the A16 was built to take traffic off London Road now they want to put more onto a road were traffic is already building up to pre new-A16 times. Anyone who uses the Spalding Rd/London Rd junction knows. It takes longer to get onto the roundabout from London Road because of the amount of traffic on the A16. As to the Chain Bridge end of the proposed link road, every time the train line barrier is down the traffic comes to a standstill.

Traffic already backs up to the sewerage works and beyond on busy periods. It does not need another roundabout - it as already been stated that it should have been a duel carriage way.

Most of the traffic coming into Boston comes in from the south or the west, due to this it would seem that the Boardsides would be a better option for the stadium, keeping the majority of the traffic away from the town. A railway stop could even be built and it would be away from housing.

The plans submitted by Chestnut Homes are long on the stadium and short on everything else, only good for the Chestnut Holmes and Boston United, not for the town!

M. Kay

Isaac Newton Drive, Boston