Letter: Shoppers need to be catered for in revamp

WHY is there no mention of shops or shoppers (taxpayers) in this expensive revamp of the Market Place? What do councillors think we’ll come to the Market Place for?

Is it to sit eating and drinking, smoking and dropping litter - to look at the retro Five Lamps or just wander about?

People come to go to the banks, building societies and shops, for goods.

For Marks & Spencer parking on the Quay will not do with heavy bags to carry.

The six disabled spaces won’t do - too far to walk. If you don’t drive it’s either the Into Town bus or a taxi.

Why is the Boston Chamber of Commerce and Industry silent? Why are there no comments from companies running shops or businesses?

Our trade means their jobs - do they care? Do they all mind facing unemployment?

Possibly not.

Maybe they are all ostriches burying their head in the sand of complacency.

I can see claims for compensation for lost trade being made here. Before the harm is done take action now. Shops must protect themselves - not just do nothing if they expect any custom.

For all the use it will be you could put a big model of a white elephant in the Market Place with the Five Lamps looking over all.

Is this what is wanted with the millions spent? I realise councillors have been ‘dazzled’ by all this money. I don’t think the council should be allowed to take away from people their main shopping/business area in the town. I am quite sure this is not what the people want.

T. M. Cooper