LETTER: Speak out against road closure trial

BOSTON Labour councillors are disappointed to see that an experimental road closure in Boston is taking place.

For six months from Sunday February 26, vehicles are not able to turn right from Sleaford Road into Brothertoft Road.

Before Christmas hundreds of local residents wrote and informed Lincolnshire County Council that they did not support this proposal.

At the time we supported our colleague Coun Paul Goodale, the local Boston borough councillor for the ward, who tried to persuade Lincolnshire County Council to do a U-turn on this trial.

We are appalled that the voice of all the people who contacted the council before Christmas appears to have been ignored. He believes, as do we, that the only way that this trial will be stopped is by asking as many people as possible to write to Lincolnshire County Council again putting their views as strongly as possible against this proposed right turn closure.

We will continue to give our full backing to Coun Goodale.

In addition we do not think Lincolnshire County Council has considered the potential tailback of traffic they will create towards Liquorpond Street and roundabout as more and more traffic is forced to queue to turn right towards Asda.

This will have a real impact on all residents of Boston as they try to get from one side of town to the other.

Instead of improving traffic flow, this proposed right turn prohibition risks creating a bottleneck further back.

If you feel strongly on this issue we would urge you to contact Lincolnshire county council.

Write to: Lincolnshire County Council, Freepost, DC867, Lincoln, LN1 1BR.

This is a free post address advertised on their website for the taxpayers of Lincolnshire to use to contact Lincolnshire County Council or email: Customer_Services@Lincolnshire.gov.uk

Boston Labour councillors feel that if the people of Boston do not stand up against this trial now, it will be made permanent within six months.

Do not let the politicians in Lincoln dictate what happens to our roads in Boston. Stand up and fight against this trial.