Letter: Strength in numbers for BBI members

AS A group of independents, Boston Bypass Independents’ members are free to pursue their own consciences and express their own opinions without fear of ‘party’ retribution.

To have effect in a council, however, strength is gained in group action.

It is therefore appropriate to stand as a group and have that strength at the election.

When in a ruling situation there needs to be a consensus on frequent occasions or the council would lose direction.

However each individual member has the chance to contribute to policy making, they vote as their conscience dictates and their views are respected. There is no ‘party whip’.

At national level BBI members come from across the political spectrum, but local politics is not about national parties, it is about doing what we believe is in the best long-term interest of the borough.

BBI welcomes forward-thinking individuals who are prepared to contribute positively, whatever their background.

The group’s recognition by the Independent Network is affirmation that individual BBI members have openly agreed to act with recognised high standards of behaviour.

Coun Alison Austin


Boston Borough Council