LETTER: Take a look at how much PRSA is used


The council mentions the dreaded name PRSA and instantly the rotten stench of ‘Opinion’ rises like a cloud of marsh gas over the borough.

Hiding behind the mask of anonymity this contributor does nothing for the reputation of the town nor ever gives credit for the good things Boston has to offer the townspeople and villagers who read your paper.

The Princess Royal Sports Arena is a great asset to the whole area, and the measure of this can be seen any day of the week, but particularly at weekends. Then, literally hundreds of our young people abandon their mythical attachment to electronic games and street corners and participate in the numerous sporting activities on offer. In doing so they are developing a generation which will reject all the negativity exhibited by ‘Opinion’, and contribute to the growth of the borough. It is invidious to nominate a particular activity but as an example, the Boston Rugby Club with 11 teams from age six to 60 (and possibly beyond) do the borough proud in the service they give the community. Perhaps ‘Opinion’ could take his/her own advice, leave his bolt-hole and take a look.

I am not a native Bostonian, so can claim to be here by choice. I have observed the town’s publicity ups and downs for a dozen years-or-so and the fixed attitudes of a small vocal minority with little interest in the future. Every community has a self-destruct device hidden somewhere; it is not hard to see whose finger is on that particular button.

Mike Sharp