Letter: Time and again we see our clock is fast

I BEG to differ with the report and comments published in your paper regarding the refurbishment of the Wigtoft Church clock.

As at 9.45am, at the time of writing, the clock is still running some 35 minutes fast despite the ‘fine tuning’ that has allegedly been ongoing for the last three to four months since the mechanism was automated.

Many villagers, and others who supported the project, are rightly upset their money has not yielded a fully functioning accurate time piece.

There is also some confusion within the village as to why we were told, and raised - £5000, and in your report the vicar announced the repairs cost £3000.

Questions are being asked as to why the company responsible for the work carried out have not been pursued to complete the job to a satisfactory end, a village clock that tells the correct time.

It is a joke within the village that is repeated often when it is said at least before the ‘repairs’ the clock told the time accurately twice a day.

Once again the New Year was seen in and rung out by the bells of Big Ben over the radio waves and not by the chimes of St Peter and St Paul.

A sad and disappointing result for all those who worked hard to raise the funds to achieve so little.

A result that is sure to have consequences when the village is called upon to, once again, raise funds for church projects.

Name and address supplied