LETTER: UKIP is working to make our county and country a better place

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston

In response to Hope Not Hate article in the Boston Standard on June 12.

UKIP is a democratic political party, the constituents of Boston elected five out of seven candidates to the county council with the other two coming a very close second. I was also elected to represent the people of Staniland South on the Boston Borough Council. I would say that is a pretty good indicator to how the people of Boston feel.

It is not a case of pointing a finger or stereotyping certain people or apportioning blame to the immigrant community. The issues we all face have been thrust upon us by past and present weak governments and our membership of the EU.

The message is a very simple one; we cannot continue to allow uncontrolled numbers of people to enter the UK irrespective of where they come from.

We can see the consequences of this mass population increase. We have over two-and-a-half million unemployed, youth unemployment at an unacceptably high level, a shortage of housing, hospital and school places (last year six million had to be spent to enlarge classroom capacity alone). We do not have the work, space, money or infrastructure to continually allow more and more people to enter the UK.

As a UKIP councillor, these national issues are out of my domain. However, the message from the electorate has been delivered loud and clear to those in Westminster.

My role is to do the best I can for all the constituents of my ward in Boston and the county.

As I have stated many times, this is nothing to do with race at all, it is about space and sustainability.

We have a very good organisation in Boston called The Boston Community Forum. It is made up from volunteers including members of the immigrant community. Part of the work it does is to look at some of the issues faced by the immigrant community including exploitation.

As for your comment ‘educate people about migrants’ I find that rather patronising and insulting.

It is also disconcerting and a concern that an organisation such as Hope Not Hate has to have its meetings in secret.

The immigrant community has nothing to fear from UKIP. We are all working for the same objective which is to make our county and our country a better place for all our citizens.

Coun Bob Mc Auley