LETTER; UKIP winners have big shoes to fill

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere sympathies to all the councillors and candidates who succumbed to the recent UKIP deluge in our part of Lincolnshire.

I would like to personally thank Peter Bedford for all the hard work he has put in on behalf of the local villages where I serve as a parish councillor and where it has been my privilege to work alongside him for some six years.

Some of our new county councillors have some pretty big shoes to try to fill, both at the parish casework level with which I am familiar - working to reinstate Cockle Alley Byway in Wrangle or the on-going traffic and parking issues in Old Leake for example – and also at a county level helping to manage a £1 billion-plus countywide budget with responsibility for our highways, education and many social services.

There is practically nothing which the county council can do to either leave the EU or to stop immigration. The next four years will be about delivering value for money and public services in Lincolnshire and serving diligently our local communities.

I wish all our new councillors well in their new roles and hope very dearly for the sake of our villages and our county that they all approach the task with the same responsibility and commitment to public service as their predecessors have done.

Tom Ashton

Parish councillor at Wrangle and Old Leake