LETTER: Us Conservatives have made difficult decisions

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We write in response to the letter from Coun Richard Austin in your paper of March 6.

We wondered if it was actually Boston Borough Council he was writing about, as his letter bore no resemblance to the council we took over in May 2011.

It was obvious to us, when we took over, that the staff had been cut to the bare bones: morale was low and there was no direction.

We believe that we now have the best group of officers and staff we could possibly work with; but Coun Austin would still make further staffing cuts, so who would do the work?

The Local Government Association had to put the Improvement Board in place when his administration was in power, as the council was being so badly managed.

The board left after seven days of us taking office, providing we agreed to a Peer Review to assess our progress.

The Peer Review gave us a very good report and so your Conservative council is now recognised as one of the best run councils in England.

Coun Austin’s administration had closed the Geoff Moulder Swimming Pool and neglected the structure.

We, with our partners, refurbished and reopened this facility. We have also installed solar panels (which will make a great cost saving for the borough).

Coun Austin’s administration could have sold the Assembly Rooms for £1m but failed to do so, choosing to neglect this historic building.

The prohibitive cost of restoring the Assembly Rooms meant that we were unable to restore it to its former glory and had to sell it for only £465,000.

The Peter Paine Sports Centre, which had been in the hands of trustees, was in need of substantial costly renovation. We dealt with this issue by leasing the centre to Boston College, who are now responsible for bringing the centre up to standard.

In addition, the brough has gained the ground naintenance contract giving borough an income stream, thus benefiting ratepayers.

Everyone knows that Coun Austin’s administration left the council’s car parks in a neglected state.

We have replaced the ageing refuse collection fleet. We have also responded to public demand by introducing the garden waste collection service.

We know that this service represents good value for money for ratepayers, and is also very good for the environment as it reduces landfill. This shows we are are an environmentally responsible council.

Coun Austin speaks of the traffic improvements they made, but we believe that he is actually referring to the £10m scheme, which was introduced by the Conservative administration at Lincolnshire County Council. He forgets that this is the scheme he and his party tried to prevent being implemented.

We are doing everything we can to make this council as efficient as possible and to give ratepayers the very best value for money from the services the council provides.

Your Conservative administration has had to make difficult decisions in the current economic climate to secure the future of Boston, and of course we know that not of all these decisions have been popular. However, all the decision we have taken are in the long-term interests of the people of Boston.

Everyone can be assured that this Conservative administration will never be afraid to take difficult decisions for the benefit of the people of Boston.

The Conservative Group

Boston Borough Council