LETTER: Veg won’t go to waste

THANK you for the support for this exciting event of cabbage bowling – also known as Bowling Greens. A concern has been raised which I would like to address.

The veg used in the cabbage bowling will not go to waste. They will be the most important vegetables in Boston and indeed Lincolnshire on this day.

This event differs little from cheese rolling, coconut shies, pumpkins at Halloween, egg and spoon races, custard pie throwing, record attempts at bathing in baked beans, potato printing in schools or nurseries, The Harwich Sausage Throwing Competition, and The Egg Throwing Championship in Helpringham to name a few.

This is not to take away from the importance of conserving and minimising waste but to highlight that food has always been used for sport, entertainment and education. In this case it also plans to help promote an area and their produce.

The event will be promoting Lincolnshire as ‘the’ county which put vegetables on the plate of the country and indeed further a field. Currently this includes an article planned to appear on the BBC news website, as well as radio coverage and the local press.

The winner of the Bowling Greens World Championship will also have a great opportunity to promote Lincolnshire vegetables and the workers who work so hard to produce and supply it to the rest of the UK and beyond.

The short-term use of a few cabbages plans to increase the awareness of Lincolnshire’s ground-workers and the valuable produce they grow and distribute and hopefully encourage more people to buy locally.

On top of all the promotion provided by these cabbages, which after all will be rolled along the ground from which they were harvested, could still be edible, in which case they will be available for the public to help themselves to at the end of the day. If not, I am sure they could be used to feed Lincolnshire farm animals or the birds in the park’s aviary.

I look forward to seeing you all in Central Park on June 4 and wish you all the best of luck in becoming the world champion and an ambassador for Lincolnshire produce.


Boston Borough Council, Pilgrim ward