LETTER: We are here to help those with MS


This last week was MS Week and, as the local branch of the MS Society, we wanted to highlight both this condition and the difficulties many people have in accessing the treatments they need.

There are 100,000 people with MS in the UK. It affects almost three times as many women as men, and people are usually diagnosed in their 20s or 30s. MS can get steadily worse, or remain unpredictable throughout a lifetime. MS also affects families, friends and carers.

Despite all of this, too many people with MS struggle to access the treatments they need, the information to decide what’s right for them and the specialists who can help.

This branch is here to support all people affected by MS locally. So this MS Week, we would like to encourage anyone affected by MS to get in touch with us if they need help. Anyone can show their support by joining the MS Society’s ‘Treat Me Right’ campaign to call for people with MS to have the right treatment at the right time.

Find out more at www.treatmerightms.org.uk

Ian Cox

Chairman, Boston & South Holland Branch