LETTER: We back a spitting ban for Boston


Boston Labour Councillors fully support the proposal for an introduction of a spitting ban being introduced into Boston.

People of Boston have told us that they wish to see it introduced through questionnaires, meetings, surveys etc.

Our concern is that we will spend months deliberating over this issue at Boston Borough Council. We can tell them that there is a simple way. Look at Waltham Forest, which has recently introduced a spitting ban in their borough.

So we would urge the leadership and officers at Boston Borough Council to speak to people in London who have already implemented such a scheme which will save us time and money.

At the same time we would also urge them to introduce restrictions on off-licences and work with the local police to stop drinking in our town centre.

Let’s have some partnership working at Boston Borough Council. Bring these policies forward and we will fully support them, which will improve the quality of life for the people of Boston and hopefully make it more enjoyable for people to visit our town centre. We look forward to a speedy resolution to these issues.

Boston Labour Councillors

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