LETTER: We began your successes


In 2007 the people of Boston made political history by voting a team of Independent councillors that included many local businessmen.

They had a great range of skills and experience and were known as BBI. This team had an impressive list of successes and saved the borough from bankruptcy.

We congratulate the current Conservative administration on the successes that Coun Singleton McGuire listed in a recent letter. Unfortunately, his letter was spoiled by political spin and fantasy. He also fails to acknowledge that virtually all the current Conservative success is due to the foundations laid by BBI, or actually started by them. Progress and changes in local government usually takes years and is never speedy. The letter certainly fails to recognise the BBI successes.

BBI inherited a dire situation and turned it round. It was BBI that saved Boston Borough Council from bankruptcy and over inflated staffing costs. In 2009 BBI strengthened the management team and began a major transformation of Boston Borough Council and the financial reserves were increased. This has enabled the current team to make much of the progress they are now claiming.

Coun Singleton McGuire claims 22 successes. Of these, 17 were began by BBI or built on foundations left by BBI. It is a great shame that he has not the courtesy to recognise this fact. Examples include the refurbishment of the Market Place, approved in 2011, no council tax increases since 2009, changes to staffing costs and benefits in 2010 and reduction in car parking charges, big reductions in PRSA funding. It was BBI that transformed the benefits system to be the best in the county with a seven day turnaround and the list goes on. We would be very happy to discuss the detail with him.

Coun Richard Austin, Jim Blaylock, Richard Dungworth, Richard Lenton, Helen Staples, Coun David Witts