LETTER: We fear for Pilgrim Hospital’s A&E


You may or may not be aware that your whole health service is currently up for review.

It could even mean that urgent accident and emergency services in Lincolnshire could be moved onto one site under proposals to curb the health trust’s multi-million pound deficit. This could mean that Boston Pilgrim Hospital would be surplus to requirements. This has all come about after the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust was placed in special measures in October 2013, following critical reports into patient care.

Other problems highlighted include difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff - most of the issues identified in the Keogh Report and subsequent Care and Quality Commission inspection were down to a lack of staff. The draft blueprint plan, part of the Lincolnshire Sustainable Services Review (LSSR), is out for discussion at the present time. It highlights debt issues which it says will rise to £105 million in five years.

Boston Labour councillors are very concerned that the whole review is solely about saving £105 million and could possibly lead to the closure of the Pilgrim Hospital A&E.

We know, despite the hard work and dedication of staff, there are some serious issues in our health service such as high mortality rates in our hospitals and the poor response times of our ambulances. The government’s recent announcement about extra money for GPs to be available seven days a week is not going to be available in Boston and Lincolnshire.

What we want is a real review that takes notice of the needs of Lincolnshire, and especially Boston, and that we have decent local health services and a local hospital with A&E services. We don’t just want to be part of a cost cutting exercise of £10 million. Let’s give people good NHS care within our communities and save our hospital and A&E.

Boston Labour councillors